Tongue and Groove

The bottom of the tool chest has been a bit of a conundrum. Should we go with a quick and dirty ship lap or a tongue and groove joint for the bottom boards. Initially the lapped joints appeared to be simpler and within the range of my plow plane. I purchased a veritas plow plane earlier this year and was eager to put it to work. However the tongue and groove is a more solid joint and a little more challenge than the lap joint. If I wanted tongue and groove I saw no option except to use my dado cutter in the table saw. Not DSC_0008wanting to use power equipment on the project I began looking around the web for options and quickly realized that Veritas had a conversion kit and blades for making tongue and groove. There is a video at the link that gives all of the details.

DSC_0014A quick email to Lee Valley and a few days and I am the proud owner of new blades, I then attached a cherry fence to ensure the plane rides securely along the board  and Bob’s your uncle…..


The plane worked wonders and within 30 minutes I had placed tongue and grooves in all eight of the bottom boards. Every once in a while you find a tool that is such a pleasure to use and has such great results that you want to keep using it. So I put tongue and grooves on the back of my saw till. Then I began looking at some other projects….

Needless to say If you have not got a Veritas plow plane with the conversion kit for making tongue and grooves it’s a must have.

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