Small Tool Chest – Drawers

20131215-184953.jpgWith the pinned housing joints complete, only a couple of steps left to complete the drawer. Mahogany plywood was cut to fit into the grooves and slid into place. I carefully drilled holes for 5 screws that will hold it. I then cut several 1.5″ pieces of wood and glued them into the edges of the drawer and bottom of the plywood. When the glue dries it will tighten the drawer bottom and prevent any banging of the plywood in the groove. You’re saying to yourself – what about expansion…….hopefully with plywood there will be very little.

Another design aspect that you may not have picked up, the back of the drawer is 2.5 inches in from the end of the sides. When the drawer is open the back can align with the case without the drawer falling out of its slot. If you are like me, anything buried in the last few inches gets lost anyway.

Next? I have to install hinges (in the mail somewhere), make drawer pulls (they’re a great design), and smooth the case….Have a Great Christmas!



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