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Hospice Cart Squaring the legs

After work I took an hour to do some final work on the cart legs. Started out by doing a little spring cleaning to my #7 plane. After a long winter each tool will get a good cleaning and wax to make sure there is no rust begining to form. I also took the time to sharpen an add a little oil to the frog.

While I was sharpening I thought it worth pointing out the use of auto glass cleaner to lubricate the diamond stone. Someone along the way mentioned that since it contains very little water rust doesn’t form. Compare auto glass cleaner with regular glass cleaner and see for yourself. 

The sound of a freshly sharpened plane is very distinct from one that needs sharpening. It only took a few minutes per leg to get all of the sides square. Next up layout of the mortises. Four per leg plus a through tenon. Looking forward to a massive mortise session this weekend.

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