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Hospice Cart Top and Shelf

Most of the day was spent with a plane in my hand. Started out removing the bottom shelf from the clamps that have held it tight sice last night.

 Gluing up panels is not one of my favorite tasks. There is nothing particularly difficult, I just don’t seem to get the same satisfaction as making joints with a chisel in my hand. The glue up of the top (shown in the picture and the shelf were made more difficult by a fight with some of the lumber. After finding the crack in the leg I noticed a couple that some of my stock was struggling to stay in character. fortunately I just cut out the pieces but it added to a more intense glue up.

With everything out of the clamps I made sure that my planes were sharp and set to work.

As the shavings rolled off the plane a pattern of work began to emerge and my mind emptied to focus on the task at hand. Before I new it a series of three planes stood next to my bench and shavings covered the floor.

Feeling the plane slow, I touched the soul of the plane and felt its warmth. Adding wax would ease the friction and I again felt the plane glide across the surface. With the top and lower shelf smooth they will be set aside for final trimming when the base is complete.

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