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Hanging Tool Cabinet Shelf 3

Paul Sellers gives you quite the work out in his projects. There are several extra steps built into this cabinet that prepare you for making the cabinet doors. One of these is a shelf that is more complex than necessary. Where a single board or glued panel  would work well, the project calls for a frame and panel; the same joints that would be required on the door. Not one to shy away from excess joinery I milled the pieces to size and set out to make a frame and panel shelf.


A couple of rough measurements and I glue together a panel for the shelf. Using the parts from my prior mistake I was able to come up with grain that matches well, hopefully the final door panels will come out as well.


Taking the shelf part previsoulsy made that was prepared to recieve the divider I set up my plow plane to groove the edges to accept the panel. It is allways a surprise how quickly this process goes and withing minutes it is completed. The groove then becomes the guide for the mortises that hold the shelf frame together. In the last couple of projects I have been successful with the mortises but struggled to keep the tenons stright. More in the next post.



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