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Hanging Tool Cabinet Doors

Long weekends are made for woodworking projects, there’s time for the family, kayaking and woodwork. Beginning work on the cabinet doors brought to mind the need to carefully dimension all of the parts, removing any twist. Hand planing one side and both edges I turned to the planer to make sure everything is parallel and consistent. Then a final hand planing to remove any machine marks and eliminate as much sanding as possible.

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  1. Steve D
    September 26, 2016 at 6:56 am

    Hi Richard,

    I am curious about your planes. Did you polish them recently? Or do you live in an area without rust problems? They look brand new but their features indicate 50-80 years old give or take.

    If you did clean them up from a state of brownness, how long did it take for all that?


    • September 26, 2016 at 7:59 pm

      Hi Steve, almost all of my planes were purchased at auctions or online. Some were in great shape others needed quite a bit of work and you are right the range in age from 120 yrs to 60. If you dig around my blog under tools I have some comments about maintenance and care. I found that most of them only took an hour or two to put into shape, the majority of time spent working through various grit sandpaper to polish the sole. I have also used navel jelly to remove rust along with pads etc. I store most of my planes in plane socks (lee valley has them) that has almost ended most of the rust that could accumulate. I use wax to maintain them and polish them when I put the away. They live in the garage with humidity and temperatures from the 90’s to below zero. There are good resources on the web I would suggest going to Paul Sellers blog for more information. I’d be glad to give you more details if you want specifics.

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