Case Miter Jig

The Dovetailed Box Project has mitered sides on the case inserts. I thought of several methods to do this but with the visibility of these mitered corners realized that I had to try something different, my sawing skills may not be up to the task. searching through Fine Woodworking magazine I came across an article from May/June of 2017 which built a simple jig to ‘shoot’ these miters with a plane.

I guess that a table saw could be another alternative but I think using a shooting board will provide me with he results that I want without all the noise and dust.

The jig is fairly simple and I managed to use mostly scrpas to make it. All good jigs are made from scraps!

I used my shooting plane but you could easily use a number 5. And after a couple of test runs I had it tuned in and perfectly. mitered corners. This will let me try out inserts in the box that I’m making.

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