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Hanging Tool Cabinet Doors

September 25, 2016 2 comments

Long weekends are made for woodworking projects, there’s time for the family, kayaking and woodwork. Beginning work on the cabinet doors brought to mind the need to carefully dimension all of the parts, removing any twist. Hand planing one side and both edges I turned to the planer to make sure everything is parallel and consistent. Then a final hand planing to remove any machine marks and eliminate as much sanding as possible.

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Mortises-Tools Cabinet Back

June 21, 2016 Leave a comment

With my mortise jig complete, the process of measuring and marking begins. I’ve repeated enough steps on this project and take extra care to make sure everything goes right the first time. The first time of course did not include the two additional mortises and tenons I chopped because I put two in the wrong spot. The extra cross member didn’t hurt though and everything went well.


The care certainly paid off and everything fits snugly.


I still have to plane the carcass sides and tidy up before attaching the back. Hope everyone had a good Father’s Day.


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Hanging Tool Cabinet – The Back

June 5, 2016 1 comment

Beginning on the back of the tool cabinet this morning, I had several clear goals. The first was to ensure that my tennon accuracy immproved and I tried out many of the ideas that you gave me for improving my router us on the tenons. The second was to improve the quality of the groves that were made in some difficult grain cherry that I have been using.

Accuracy first comes from preparation of stock and I spent quite a bit of time ensure that everything was square and of consisten size. This included sqaring all of the ends on the shooting board and a lot of careful checks. There is no sense trying to be accuracte if your board tapers fropm one end to the other.

Next came measuring and marking. the back consists of four boards tenoned together and a groove inside to accept the back. I took great care to measure from the same faces and edges to eliminate probelms cause by minor discrepencies.

Once completed the grooves neede to be ploughed into the boards. I had looked up in Essentials of hand tool Woodworking some details about using plough planes and Paul Selelrs suggested that in difficult grane to use a mortise gauge to pre cut the groove. I’ve struggled with a few pieces of this cherry and was glad for the advice. However I had to risk it all when I didn’t have a 3/16 blade for my plane and ended up have to use a 1/8 carefully from each side to make the correct width. It all worked.

Seems that I didn’t get much done but I learned alot and hopefully over the week will get a chance to shop the mortises for the Tenons.

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Hanging Tool Cabinet – Shelf Panel

May 25, 2016 Leave a comment

With all of the shelf parts prepared, some twice, mortise and tenons completed and fitting nicely thanks to more care and a router plane. My attention turns towards the panel I glued up last week. After trimming it to size I need to cut rebates on all of the edges. If you saw my post on the Stanley 78 Rebate plane last week you may now realize that this is what I used to cut the rebates around the edge of the shelf.

Once the rebate is complete it is glued into the frame. Which now thanks to reworking a few parts looks pretty good.

Planing the shelf and fitting the ends into the cabinet side took a little time but it is the last piece before glueing it together.

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Frame Rework

May 15, 2016 6 comments

The fit of the frame sides is not good and the color worse.spending time analyzing my mistakes it is clear that I ahve not cut the Tenons straight again. The mortises are fine but there needs to be more foocus when I remove the wood for the tenons. Try again.

Taking more care I measured and chiseled out knife wall for the saw cuts. The lumber already looks a better match. The preparation gives me time to consider how to make the Tenons. More care with the router plane and perhaps a longer bed on theplane would help. Roughing the tenon out with a saw, I then take the router plane to size and hopefully maintain a square tenon.

While I’m sharpening my router I also notice the angled blade which I have never used. Giving it a whirl I find it cuts well and I like the fact that I am putting less pressure into the cut. Perhaps this has been causing me to lean the router slightly and ending with an angled tenon.




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Hanging Tool Cabinet Shelf 3

May 14, 2016 Leave a comment

Paul Sellers gives you quite the work out in his projects. There are several extra steps built into this cabinet that prepare you for making the cabinet doors. One of these is a shelf that is more complex than necessary. Where a single board or glued panel  would work well, the project calls for a frame and panel; the same joints that would be required on the door. Not one to shy away from excess joinery I milled the pieces to size and set out to make a frame and panel shelf.


A couple of rough measurements and I glue together a panel for the shelf. Using the parts from my prior mistake I was able to come up with grain that matches well, hopefully the final door panels will come out as well.


Taking the shelf part previsoulsy made that was prepared to recieve the divider I set up my plow plane to groove the edges to accept the panel. It is allways a surprise how quickly this process goes and withing minutes it is completed. The groove then becomes the guide for the mortises that hold the shelf frame together. In the last couple of projects I have been successful with the mortises but struggled to keep the tenons stright. More in the next post.



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Hanging Tool Cabinet – Shelf divider

April 9, 2016 Leave a comment

I’ve never counted the number of times I assemble and disassemble a project as I build. It’s part of the process and and essential for measuring and fitting each piece.The cherry in this project is fighting me. The change in humidity and temperature is causing the parts to swell and I have had to adjust the dovetails. Unfortunately there are a couple of cracks which hopefully will disappear with some adjustment.

With the through tenons done and the case reassembled I can measure carefully for the center divider. This is another through tenon so I took care in all of the measurements. The photographs below show the shape of the divider and the final product.

Slowly the cabinet is beginning to take shape.

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