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Walnut coffee Table – Top

January 26, 2022 Leave a comment

I have heard many people discuss whether to make the top first or last. I don’t see any reason to do one over the other. For this project the top was done last. Milling was typical slog of passing boards through the jointer followed by hand planing the edges and running the opposite edge through the table saw.

I used two planes to work the edges. Stanley #4 to rough the edges followed by a #7. I needed the longer plane due to the 48” length of the boards.

With the edges jointed and parallel I glued up the top and let it sit overnight. The next day was spent planing and smoothing. I did notice a couple of knots which will need to be filled.

Trimming the edges was done on the Tablesaw and hand planed with a very sharp plane. I also noticed a couple of Knots that needed to be filled, so as you read I am also reading about how to use Epoxy.

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Walnut Coffee Table – Side Rails

January 22, 2022 Leave a comment

Making the upper and lower rails was an exercise in planing boards and cutting tenons. I did most of the work by hand and forgot to take pictures.

Oops. The lower rail is just over an inch square, when I was test fitting the pieces I realized that I left one of the tenons longer than the others and when pulling it loose it snapped. I used the mortiser to drill out the broken piece and made another to fit. Lesson learned. Lower rails should have thicker tenons.

Finally I was able to assemble the table legs and sides.

The glue up was relatively uneventful.

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Walnut Coffee Table – Legs

January 15, 2022 Leave a comment

There comes a time in the woodworking journey that an epiphany occurs. As you look at the work of others and study pictures on line or in articles you realize that all of your hard work to make tight joints and smooth tops doesn’t make for the perfect piece. Suddenly you realize the importance of wood selection and grain, shadow lines and many small details. I’m not sure when that realization occurred,but i’m certainly aware and trying to work on executing on that knowledge.

Cutting the end of the 8/4 board it becomes clear that these are flat sawn. Reference the fine drawing that I made on the left. If I cut this board into the four legs as intended I will end up with two sides with intersecting grain and two with flat grain. Since I want legs that are 1 15/16” I don’t have a lot of options to cut diagonally across and make the grain similar on all legs but I am certainly becoming more aware and will consider where the legs are placed on the table. In the picture below you can certainly see the grain difference on the two sides of the leg and follow it across the bottom.

Back to woodworking. I used the sled to hoping the lumber and then cut the legs to size, hand planing each one to the same dimensions and ensuring they were square. Looking at the grain pattern I laid out the mortises for the side rails and lower rails and used my mortising machine to cut the mortises. This was the first time that I have used it on a project and it was very satisfying

Standing up all the legs you can see the grain and that I placed the flat sawn edges on the side of the table (right and left). Lot more to learn but it’s on my mind.

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Walnut Coffee Table – Lumber

January 13, 2022 Leave a comment

Procrastination is an art that I suppose could continue for ever. Today however was the time to begin preparing the material for a walnut coffee table. Walnut is a new species in my shop and I’m looking forward to learning about its desire to be turned into furniture.

All projects begin with a plan followed by choosing and preparing lumber. The dimensions for this table are roughly based on a previous table I made designed by Paul Sellers. It’s a simpler table but should satisfy its future owner. I used the same method for preparing the wood as I outlined in the Jointing without a jointer blog and it worked great. This is where I made the longer sled to fit the lumber needed for the side rails and top. Not long after the picture was taken I realized that I forgot to hook up the dust collector. The magical on off switch doesn’t work if the hose is disconnected.

Walnut milled nicely on the planer and I even milled several pieces by hand.

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