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Tools, Tools, and More Tools

Just when I had all of the woodworking tools required, I realized that the only way to increase my skills was to take a step back. As I was building a desk for my daughter, I had to cut a 14″ piece of oak into 6″ pieces to fit it through my planer. It dawned on me later that if I had the tools and skills it, could have been done in one piece and that beautiful piece of wood would be complete. It didn’t take me long to find web pages that led to a blog called “The Renaissance Woodworker”. In the corner was an icon called the Hand Tool School, alas a web based school specializing in the use of Hand Tools. Please go and visit the site you may become as enthralled as I have.

After studying the list of tools needed for the class I recognized how far I had strayed into the world of power tools. Clearly this was a crisis and required immediate intervention….. Ebay!  Well not quite yet, fisrt I had to visit the web and learn about the tools that would be essential.

Semester 1: Tools

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