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Second Drop is Your Fault

photo 5Somewhere along my life I heard the saying that the first drop of rain that hits you is god’s fault..the second is yours. I can imagine that this was spoken to me in either frustration or amazement while I splashed along in the rain happily getting soaking wet. The saying applies to many of the things we do in life and is similar to the definition of insanity… doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. After pinching my fingers between my end vise and the vice  handle for the hundredth time I decide to make a change.

I removed the handle and began searching through my drawers for something to eliminate the pinch point. Finding a couple of rubber o rings I placed one on each side of the handle. Hopefully this will keep my fingers out of the pinch point and allow the pipe end cap to seat against the vice without the use of my fingers as cushioning.

I’m not sure if it will eliminate the problem totally, we’ll have to see. Certainly I have no intention of performing a test. Like the saying goes the first drop is god’s fault the 101st is………

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