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Drawer Bottoms


The drawer bottoms are straight forward. After milling poplar boards down to 1/2″ I glued them up to the required width. I was a little sloppy with the glue so it took a little time to clean up, then finish plane with my #4 smoother. Since I decided to deviate from Chris Schwarz’s plan to nail the bottoms to the sides, I needed to rabbit the edges to match the 1/4″ groove. I used my Veritas Rabbit Plane (moving fillister). I find this plane a little finicky to set up, but once I have the blade at 90 degrees it works wonderfully. The shavings come off in a nice twist. A nice component on this plane is the nicker which makes cutting across the board neat and clean. I considered doing this part on the table saw with dado blade,s but after I had the plane set it went so quickly, I did it by hand.

Tomorrow I will look at the fit of my tools in the drawers, then glue them together. Looking around the garage it appears that I now have all of the components to finish the Tool Chest. Time to start thinking about the next project!

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