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Small Light – Big Help

When the weather is nice outside I open the door to my garage and soak in the natural light. During the winter I have to keep the doors closed to keep what little heat is available. This has the inevitable result of lower light conditions and shadows. A couple of years ago I received a Joby light as a gift. It has several great features:


Adjustable light allows you to add as much light as you want  into your work area.

Legs that can be wrapped around an object or made into a tripod. This allows you to position the light exactly where you want it. Remember when you were under the sink fixing a pipe with your little helper holding the light. My Dad does, the light was shining everywhere except where he wanted it. Now your helper can hold the towel for the inevitable rush of water instead of the light.

Magnets located in the bottom of each leg. If you happen to be able to attach the Joby to a magnetic surface it will hold its position exactly where you place it. This is great for auto repairs or attaching to your power equipment.


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