Weather Station

A few months ago I began watching videos from Paul Seller’s Masterclass. The first project is a wall clock. Now that I have completed the tool chest and saw till I wanted to to work through some of these basic classes and continue to improve my hand skills. Looking at the project I decided that turning it into a weather station was of more use to me and the face looked more balanced. Going to Lee Valley hardware I was able to pick up three instruments, barometer, thermometer, and humidity.

Considering all of the possible woods for the project I decided to stick with pine because it was easy to access and it followed along with the lessons. If I decide at a later time to use different wood I can pop out the gages and change. I picked up a couple of 1″ x”8″ an cut them to size. Practicing my chisel skills I cut stopped dados in the top and bottom pieces of the weather station. This involved creating a knife wall and then chiseling out the waster from the inside wall. i then used the side that will fit into the slot to mark the other edge and repeated.

photo photo_5

Once I had chiseled out the waste from both sides I grabbed my router plane and cleaned up the bottoms. This allowed me to ensure that the bottom was clean and at the same depth on each side, top and bottom. The dados are slightly shorter than the sides which will allow me to make a step and hopefully leave a clean joint.

Notice in the photo of the assembled top, bottom and sides that the sides hang off the back by 3/8″ this is the amount that I will notch from the front to get a nice fit. In order to get this step correct I install the sides and using clamps force them into place. A marking knife its then used to mark the sides. I cut the notch with a saw and chisel and reinserted the sides. With enough time I will hopefully get this completed next week.


photo_2 photo_3

  1. April 20, 2013 at 10:18 am

    Eww .. that’s a good idea. I’m just about to start this project as well. We need clocks in the house so I’ll be making mine a clock. I thought I’d use walnut with some canary wood for the clock face so that it wouldn’t be so plain.

    • April 21, 2013 at 8:22 pm

      I had a nice piece of mahogany but it was not quite large enough. I think I may use it on some of the next projects.

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