Leg Conundrum

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! It’s highly likely that that sound as echoed through your head and often slipped across your tongue. This morning it has reverberated across the bench. There are four legs in front of me, each has been planed, jointed, and cut to length. Mortises have been marked and chopped and aprons prepared for fitting, but alas the Hmmmmmmmmmm! Sound crosses my lips.

When I purchase the lumber for this project there was not and quarter sawn white oak that was 10/4 thickness. Not exactly true….there was not any quarter sawn white oak that I was willing to pay for in 10/4 thickness. It seemed very extravagant and a rip off to pay $12.75 per board foot for the material for the legs. Please comment if this is typical of pricing for you. Obviously I laminated the legs and cut them to size chopped the mortises and have arrived at this spot where I realize that my plan includes shaping the legs.

The laminations are difficult to spot when the legs are square but, when I shape the legs will the changes in grain become obvious and leave a lingering change for all to comment upon. Stay tuned I think I need a cup of tea.


  1. Greg
    July 17, 2013 at 7:20 am

    My Hero! Maybe add something a little stronger to the Tea and it won’t look so bad !

    Enjoy reading all your blogs ! It’s like we’re still in class together!


    Sent from my iPad

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