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Catapults and Chisels

20140420-071813.jpgI started the weekend with the goal to complete the saw vise that I began several weeks ago. It wasn’t long before I was putting the vise aside and learning how to make a crossbow. One of my goals for using hand tools was to make my work area more inviting for my family. The only thing better than listening to my children chatter about their day while sitting on my tool chest is helping them build a project.

It seems to be working……

The plan for today was to build and install a trigger system on a homemade crossbow. Interestingly my son had already built the frame from a design he found on the internet. He also had researched a trigger system and had made most of the components. What had him stuck was the need for a through mortise. I took a couple of minutes and explained chisel safety demonstrated how to cut a mortise and watched him chop out a very nice place for the trigger. The hardest part..giving him room to grow.






It seems to be working.

  1. ron Harper
    May 8, 2014 at 9:47 am

    What a priceless time.

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