Shop Stool –

Seems that over the last couple of months little has been accomplished, between soccer games, work and a large increase in my running mileage there has been not enough time left for woodworking. Fortunately soccer is over for the season so I can tackle some of the projects that continue to sit on my bench. First up the shop stool….. Today was dedicated to stock preparation.


Picking up a couple of boards from the local home improvement store I spent a couple of hours milling the boards and cutting to size. I enjoy milling wood by hand, however with  the humidity in the high 70’s I opted for the power tools and spent as little time as possible on this part of the project.

I finished up the day by hand planing all of the edges. There’s nothing like the sound and feel of a blade slicing through wood. This week I hope to find enough time to lay out all of the joints and determine the leg angles, leaving the chopping of mortises for next weekend.

I want the stool to become an invitation for visitors to stop by and spend a little time learning about hand tools. Oh and I was just reminded that summer league soccer starts mid week…..

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  1. July 19, 2014 at 9:47 pm

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