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Texas Heritage Woodworks

Like many woodworkers it is exceedingly rare to walk into another’s shop. The chance to try tools is not one to pass up. While I was a The Bad Axe Tool Works Sharpening School the chance to try out different tools was too good to pass up. Some were new, but many had been around the block several times.



One of my favorite tools was this saw vise. It is exceptionally well made, clamps with an iron fist and is very attractive. I know, we pay little attention to how our tools look, but really take a second peak.


It was only after I had used the vise multiple times that I realized it was made by Texas Heritage Woodworks.  Not sure if this is for sale or a proto-type, but it was very impressive. Contrary to my extroverted style, I went to the web site and told the owner Jason Thigpen what a great product it was. Which prompted a very quick response thanking me. While on the site I noticed some aprons and tool rolls and other products. They all looked great!

If you haven’t look around lately, there are many small businesses that are supporting our craft. These businesses often consist of one or two people following their dream. I try to support them when possible and at the very least let others know who’s out there….

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