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Here’s to Woodworking Web Friends

My posts on WordPress have been few over the last several months, like many of you, the number of blogs ebb and flow based upon outside forces. Changes in careers, seasonal changes, project ideas, family all have an impact on what we build, how much we blog and the quality of the writing. Let me give you a few examples, Jeff at Jeff Branch  Woodworking made a career change that slowed his blogs for a few months until recently, when they have become more frequent and consistent, Marilyn whom we all follow, at She Works Wood decided to remodel  a kitchen (looks great by the way) and she slowed her writing temporarily although she never stopped commenting and supporting others. Greg Merritt at hillbillydaiku moved into a new home and took a month before he became a blogging machine.

As I finish up the year I have found multiple incomplete blog entries. Some just a title, others almost complete. I’ll try to get them out in the next few days. Also wanted to mention that you can find more posts on instagram under the orepass name. Sometimes it’s quicker than a full post and you are more likely to find pictures of dogs and kayaks along with the usual woodworking. Most importantly I wanted to thank all my followers, the bloggers I follow and a couple of people I actually met in person (Marilyn and Jason of TX heritage Woodworks. You are a great inspiration and wonderful support. I’ll try to be a better blogger in 2016!

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