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Drafting Table – Adjustments

Before cleaning and refinishing the drafting table base it is worth a post to share the adjustment mechanism for the table. Each of you will have an appreciation for the simplicity of the design.

The table top can be adjusted to almost any angle using a pair of curved rails. The design is self explanatory except for the threaded rod that is hidden in a slot in the crossmember. This rod forms an L shape at one end which exerts pressure on the curved rail holding the top at the desired angle.The other end is threaded so that a knob can be loosened to make adjustments.



The height of the table is fully adjustable.You raise the top by loosening the handle on the side which is attached to another rod with a j hook. once loose you loosen the knob on the front of each leg which keep pressure on the legs from the front. lift the top to the desired height and tighten everything up.


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