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Hearing Protection

There are a couple of safety items that I am adamant about, hearing and eye protection. Damaging either could be devastating to quality of life not only affecting yourself, but those around you. When using power tools these items are no brainers but over the last couple of years I’ve also noticed that while chopping with chisels, by the end of the day I can have some ringing in my ears. Admittedly I have sensitive hearing and wear ear plugs in movie theaters because I find them uncomfortably loud. Putting ear plugs in is a simple solution, however I also enjoy listening to podcasts while in the garage. Turning up the volume slightly I can listen with the plugs in my ears, but it is not ideal.

Listening to WoodTalk several months ago I remember a discussion about hearing protection and bluetooth speakers, I’ve also seen modifications made to ear muffs. Digging back through the Wood Whisperer’s site I was able to find the discussion and links to the earmuffs and accessories. After a little more research which resulted in stunned disbelief at the cost of alternatives, I used the Wood Whisperer link to Amazon and purchased the components. If I have heard about a product on WoodTalk and decide to purchase I tend to link through the sites of the hosts, after all if they are going through the trouble of reviewing and assembling the componets they might as well get credit.

After the Christmas crunch the package arrived. There are three components to make this work. Earmuffs, a bluetooth link, and a dooley whopper. With everything ready to go I linked the components to my Ipad using bluetooth and amazingly it all worked. A couple of hours later I took them off very happy with their functionality. I get my podcasts, keep my hearing and no more fumbling with earplugs.




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  1. February 4, 2016 at 4:45 am

    Good job.

    For myself it is too late. I came up through the ranks when no one thought about ear protection and after too many years of sitting between a pair of TIO-540’s, CJ 610’s, and others without hearing protection, I’m a functionally deaf old coot.

    Once it is gone, you can’t get it back.


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