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Stanleys in disguise

Look around flea markets, antique stores and ebay for hand tools and there has been a definite change over the last 15 years. The law of supply and demand has shown its mettle and the Stanley’s and Sargents that were abundant at ridiculously low prices are harder to find. Although still a deal at current prices, if you are just stepping into the hand tool world there are other options at lower prices.

Admittedly I am partial to the Stanley planes in my tool chest and there will soon be a Sargent joining the group, however my first plane came from Sears. Putting aside thoughts of owning the most common planes it’s worth considering the many other brands that most people walk past. Take a look around the internet and learn who manufactured these planes. Sears was manufactured by Stanley and Sargent, Wards Master is a Stanley with a different name so how much is a name worth? Starting out in woodworking? Take a look and you will find some excellent planes and great prices with some lesser known names.

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