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Firewood to Lumber

February 27, 2021 1 comment

A coworker shared some firewood with me a couple months back; while unloading it I noted that several of the pieces were very heavy. The wood appeared to be oak, but I wasn’t sure and after setting up my bandsaw the opportunity to take a peak arrived.

My first step was to build a sled that along with a couple of wedges would hold it upright and allow me to create one flat edge. As you can see the sled is nothing fancy, a few pieces of plywood screwed and glued together.

Setting up for the first cut I noticed that the piece had several cracks running vertically. I guessed that this may be indicating that it happened to be qtr sawn so that is how I placed it onto the sled for the first cut. As the bandsaw sliced away the rough surfaces, underneath was a beautiful piece of oak with some very nice medullary rays.

Cutting the wood into 3/4” thick pieces I was left with a several nice boards that will make a beautiful box. I think I may give it to my firewood suppler. You never know what is hidden away under the bark and rough exterior.

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New Shop-Still Unpacking

October 11, 2020 Leave a comment

Glacial progress continues and perhaps in a few weeks the clutter will be down to a pile of lumber and a couple of boxes. There are certainly several tools that will hit the local San Antonio market. One in particular a 6 inch jointer has been boxed for a couple of years.

Currently I’m working through the Anarchist Tool Chest and Small Tool Chest, cleaning up, sharpening and removing all of the antirust coatings that I used to store the tools. Looks like this may take me a couple of weeks.

Since moving I dont have a working vise so one of the first orders of business will be the completion of the workbench. Ive found the lumber for the vise and sliding deadman, if only I could find the plans…..

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New Shop – First Look

September 1, 2020 Leave a comment

September arrived and with it a new chapter in my woodworking journey. As boxes began to disappear and in their place a collection of objects began to occupy rooms , I snuck a peak into the garage. Piled up in front of me below boxes and stacks of lumber lay my work bench, tools and cabinets. It wasn’t long before they were assembled and after some shifting placed where hopefully they will remain. Shuffling through the packing material I located tools and screws to hang my wall cabinet and saw till. The tool chest was placed on a floor cabinet and the anarchists tool chest rolled close at hand.

If you only look at this half of the shop it is beginning to take on the appearance of order but the hidden half of the space still needs much work. Hopefully with a weekend ahead I can find homes for the needed tools and sell what I don’t need.

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Shop Update

June 21, 2020 Leave a comment

By now many of you realize that my woodworking has been non existent. After packing up my tools a year ago, I have yet to unpack or see them. All is not lost and hopefully in a couple of months we will meet again. At this point I hope the care I took to prevent rust is working, since I only planned to be out of the shop for a few months.

Many things have changed since the tools were packed and the search for a new home began. Finding a house lasted much longer then expected, eventually leading to building a new home. The advantage is a chance to customize a workspace and the disadvantage is time. Moving the third stall of the garage to the outside I was able to add a 6×12 addition with a window adding natural light and more space I also added a 220v circuit, additional lighting, and of course a multi-split ac unit!

Perhaps in a couple of months the tools will be back in their rightful place.

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Stanleys in disguise

February 12, 2020 Leave a comment

Look around flea markets, antique stores and ebay for hand tools and there has been a definite change over the last 15 years. The law of supply and demand has shown its mettle and the Stanley’s and Sargents that were abundant at ridiculously low prices are harder to find. Although still a deal at current prices, if you are just stepping into the hand tool world there are other options at lower prices.

Admittedly I am partial to the Stanley planes in my tool chest and there will soon be a Sargent joining the group, however my first plane came from Sears. Putting aside thoughts of owning the most common planes it’s worth considering the many other brands that most people walk past. Take a look around the internet and learn who manufactured these planes. Sears was manufactured by Stanley and Sargent, Wards Master is a Stanley with a different name so how much is a name worth? Starting out in woodworking? Take a look and you will find some excellent planes and great prices with some lesser known names.

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More Pastries than Tools!

February 2, 2020 Leave a comment

Arriving in a new part of the country provides different experiences and opportunities. Exploring the San Antonio, TX area there is a natural pull towards stores which may have tool treasures tucked away. The postings made a few weeks ago were from a few stores near Boerne, TX. This weekend I sought opportunities in flea markets across the area, and what did I find?

Some great looking apricot Danish pastries or if you prefer a few donuts or cinnamon rolls. After visiting three flea markets, I found one vendor with three planes. One, so rusty that there was no way to make a positive identification and two others that were not for sale because they had been cleaned!

Maybe I take a gander at Ebay…….

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Real – Tool Tote

January 14, 2020 2 comments

In the last post I intended to include a tool tote that was also in the antique store. Several things caught my eye; The sides of the tote are much thinner than the ends 3/8″ vs 1″. Clearly this was done to save weight. The Tote was designed to handle full length panel saws and I can imagine that fully loaded it was quite heavy. Next time I go into an antique store I will bring a tape measure, looking at the pictures I have many questions myself.



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Handworks 2017

May 14, 2017 2 comments

I discovered this post in my drafts, obviously it is a year old but brought a smile to my face as I remembered a great time so I shared it despite the poor timing.

Low clouds drift across the sky, a single drop of rain strikes the windshield, followed by an ever increasing number. Reaching out, I adjust the volume of Snap Judgement as the drops become a downpour. A couple of hours later I find myself slowing in Amana, IA. The rain, now a steady drizzle, could not dampen the spirit of people huddled under umbrellas waiting to enter the barn for Roy Underhill’s presentation. Walking towards the crowd, Norway John and I exchange a handshake, a smile and enter the barn.

Knowing what to expect at Handworks greatly improved my experience,  As pointed out by Shannon Rogers on Woodtalk, Handworks can be crowded, however people are polite and will easily step aside if you want a closer look.

Handworks ebbs and flows and with a little knowledge you can get the most out of it. My plan was to enjoy the people and later in the day focus on the the specific, tools and vendors that have drawn my interest. The initial push into Festhalle for Roy Underhill’s talk and the giveaways, attracts the majority of people, so once finished I walked to the outermost buildings and worked back to the barn. By mid afternoon the crowd will thin and although tired, vendors will be relaxed and less busy.

img_2323Walking between buildings I quickly spotted Ben and the new guy from FineWoodworking Magazine. Handing them an OrePass Sticker and thanking them for ShopTalk Live, they passed me a shirt! More importantly I got a chance to talk and enjoyed a few thoughts and the advice from New Guy to try a Japanese Plane as a little relief from Hip Pain.  I’m really glad to see them here enjoying the many vendors and companionship of their audience.

Next stop was Texas Heritage Woodworks to say hello to Sara and Jason. Two of the nicest people I know and a great companion on Instagram. Their Tool Rolls and the new Saddle Bag was very tempting! Further along I stopped by Plate 11 workbench Co. Their work benches could be found throughout Handworks, these give me an opportunity to compare heights, components and styles. I did learn a trick with the Moxon Vise. Springs inserted between the jaws make quite a difference.

Lunch at Handworks has always baffled me, seems that there would be lots of options; yet again I suffered through a mediocre sandwich however I met Kent. Really enjoyed getting to know him over a few bites.

I spent a few minutes talking with the Guys from Mortise and Tenon Magazine, had some good laughs and a photograph taken by the owner of Dubuque Clamp works.

Spending time with Mark Harrell from Bad Axe Tools was entertaining and educational as always and his son made a valiant effort to sell me a new D8 saw.  Before leaving time was spent with Walke Moore Tools looking at their new Router Plane. It was fun to see and make comparison to the original Preston Plane.

Overall it was a fun day and I look forward to the Next Event.

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Coming back

May 7, 2017 12 comments

As you already know my posts over the last few months have been non existent. Those of you who follow orepass on instagram already know that I had surgery on my hip at the end of the year. The recovery has gone well. In fact I began running again this week, although one minute at a time. Woodworking has taken longer and the little bit of aggravation created in my hip when sharpening and planing has faded.

The tools have sat long enough and I have been cleaning, sharpening and thinking. After six months a simple project that encompasses several joints will bring me back. Looking through magazines and blogs and finding my saw bench buried under a pile of boxes, bags and family ‘items’ a new saw bench is in order. From all the items piled on and around my bench it appears that others may have been moving into the shop area!
A bench that has caught my eye several times is the split saw bench, several people have blogged with their own version and I’ve had trouble identifying the original designer, although many people point to Billy’s Little Bench. It’s important to give credit where it’s due, but in this case I can only point you to the web. Look up split top saw bench and tell me which ones you prefer.

My original saw bench was built many years ago as a a project from Shannon Rogers’ Hand Tool School. It has served its time well but certainly is showing its age and a couple of repairs have failed to keep it rigid. The split bench should be more rigid and I like the concept of being able to saw boards down the center. Additionally, the dovetails and  mortise and tenon joints will help tune skills that have been resting.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you and thanks for all the support over the last few months.

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After Project

July 24, 2015 Leave a comment

The hospice cart project ended two months ago. Time has passed quickly with a heavy work load, summer vacations, gardens and other projects. I have been sharpening and cleaning tools which has become a post project ritual.

Sharpening tools at the end of each day is a best practice, however there are many tools that are used infrequently during a project that become dull over an extended period of time. I like to make sure these have been cared for as well.

 The majority of my sharpening is done by hand. It is easy and effective. My only struggle is that over the length of a project my chisel edges become angled. This is clearly a problem with my technique. Over time the angled edges begin to effect my work. Straightening the edges is a time consuming process so a couple of months ago I purchased the eclipse style guide from Lie Nielson. I only use it to straighten the edges every few months but it does a wonderful job. It’s also been very helpful for cleaning up some of the edges of purchased tools.

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