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Power Tools?

The final weeks of the year were busy, finally slowing when a little virus called Covid visited for the holidays. Still recovering I began slowly working on what will become the first project of 2023. Last fall I began a search for plans for bar stools. With family members living in apartments and moving frequently it seems like a good answer to providing simple seating for meals etc. Most apartments now have a high counter that can be used as a seating area and a couple of stools eliminates the need for a table and chairs.

After a lot of searching I came across the Morley Bar Stools in the Wood Whisperer Guild. Photo from the Wood Whisperer Guild.

This is a very different project from anything I would typically take on and that is where the attraction lies. The design is more modern and the techniques used based upon power tools. Initially I contemplated using hand tools but decided that it would be a unique learning experience to walk on the “Dark Side” of wood working.

On my all power tool project the first step was breaking down the stock, i immediately set about cutting the lumber into reasonable lengths using my Bad Axe D8, did you really think I could go all power tools?

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