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Hanging Tool Cabinet Details

Late 2016 early 2017 my cherry tool cabinet was put to work. There were several parts of the project incomplete and over the last few weeks I took time to make a few changes.

When I mounted the cabinet after moving the shop I noticed that one of the doors would not remain closed. The problem was that I never completed the installation! So 4 years later I ordered some magnets and installed them on the top of the doors.

When installing the shelves I did not account for the thickness of the chisel socks that I used to protect my tools from rust. This was always a problems for the doors. Moving the shelf stop up 1/2 an inch and adding some runners on the shelf to properly support each plane solved the problem and made storage much more secure. It took approximately an hour to complete the project. One project always leads to another and Since the doors wouldn’t open on their own I was forced to add the knobs that have been lying in the cabinet corner.

Next step was adding some chisel racks. I like the idea of having tools easily accessible so after a few measurements, screw drivers and chisels are neatly stored.

It’s really nice to have doors that remain shut and planes held carefully in place, perhaps I should finish projects more often!

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