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Cherry Coffee Table Top

The top was glued up a couple of weeks ago. While boards were sorted and selected for the various parts it was easy to dimension them while the tools were out.

The tabletop has always been the most stressful part of any project. It seems a simple task to prepare the rough stock, dimension the boards and ensure the edges are parallel and glue, but there is so much more to be considered.

I have some interesting table tops. There is the one that is a piece of Red Oak glued to a piece of White Oak, the one with grains that clash and the one that has boards of different shades. I continue to try and improve my work by paying attention to lumber choice and grain. It makes the finished product more pleasing to the eye. Once the stock was prepared I twisted and turned the boards until I was satisfied with the appearance and jointed the edges. As mentioned before I never unboxed my jointer after moving and all of the jointing is done with hand planes.

Once everything is ready a little glue, some clamps and we have a larger slab of wood,.

When I made the walnut side table I used a router to chamfer the edge which really changed the table appearance. I decided to make the top slightly bigger than my prior coffee table and to add the chamfered edge element on this table as well. I debated whether to make the chamfer by hand, but in the end chose a router. Almost routing on the wrong side, I flipped the top and made a careful pass around the edge.

As I was finishing the Walnut Coffee Table I really struggled with tear out. Finally finishing up with scrapers. Since Then I made a quick purchase knowing that I had more figured lumber to work, I’ll write. More about the plane in the future when I have a little more time and feel that my opinion is valid, I used my regular #4 and the high angle frog Lie Nielsen on this table top and was very happy with the result.

Some final sanding and it should be ready for finish.

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