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Cherry Side Table – Top 2

On the Walnut table I used a jig and router to cut the circular top. The system worked fairly well and I repeated for this table.

I made my own double sided tape by using masking tape with super glue in between and my circular router jig and cut the table top to size.

Just when you think that you have a great process, the lumber speaks! Routing around the last corner and a large piece came off. This required several minutes of staring at the top and a lot of mumbling. The mumbles were not able to be translated to the blog. There are several options to repair this from start again, glue a new piece on, rout a tighter radius etc. knowing that I had to chamfer the edge, I put the other bit in the router and the actual impact to the edge was small so with a spokeshave and hand plane I rounded the edge by hand and it’s not noticeable.

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