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Texas Heritage Woodworks

December 14, 2014 Leave a comment

Like many woodworkers it is exceedingly rare to walk into another’s shop. The chance to try tools is not one to pass up. While I was a The Bad Axe Tool Works Sharpening School the chance to try out different tools was too good to pass up. Some were new, but many had been around the block several times.



One of my favorite tools was this saw vise. It is exceptionally well made, clamps with an iron fist and is very attractive. I know, we pay little attention to how our tools look, but really take a second peak.


It was only after I had used the vise multiple times that I realized it was made by Texas Heritage Woodworks.  Not sure if this is for sale or a proto-type, but it was very impressive. Contrary to my extroverted style, I went to the web site and told the owner Jason Thigpen what a great product it was. Which prompted a very quick response thanking me. While on the site I noticed some aprons and tool rolls and other products. They all looked great!

If you haven’t look around lately, there are many small businesses that are supporting our craft. These businesses often consist of one or two people following their dream. I try to support them when possible and at the very least let others know who’s out there….

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Saw Vise goes to Work

June 2, 2014 Leave a comment

A few hours and the problems with the vise have been corrected, shellac added and it’s off to work.


Taking some oak scraps I made plugs to take care of my mis-drilled holes. After the glue dried I pull out my drill press and carefully drilled a hole for the clamping bolt. While things were set up I re-drilled the hole for the hinge pin making it large enough for a 5/16 wooden pin.


Finally I finish sanded the vise and added a couple of coats of shellac and went for a test drive.


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Saw Vise Glue Up

May 24, 2014 1 comment


If you don’t plan wisely you end up with missed opportunities. Today was supposed to involve a ride to visit friends and attend graduation parties. Since everyone in the house with the exception of me is under the weather with a cold, it seemed best to stay close to home. Thus a free day that should have involved much woodworking. Except each step I needed to complete involved a glue up and the inevitable wait while things dry. By the end of the day I made and installed vise inserts that hold the saw, then glued the two pieces together. Tomorrow I hope to grab a few minutes and square everything up, install the hardware and put a touch of finish on the vise.

By Monday I will be filing saws and preparing for my next project. Which will be the stool I began over the winter and set aside when the temperatures plummeted.



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Saw vise curves

May 21, 2014 3 comments

Taking a few minutes to add artistic flair to the saw vise. I cut curves onto each end of the cross piece. I did this using a saw and chisel finishing up with a spokeshave. A couple of people have asked me why I do it this way rather than use a coping or bow saw. The answer…I enjoy it. I don’t think it is any slower and it is fun popping out the wood with the chisel and attempting to follow the curve before finishing with a spokeshave.


All done with the curves, not bad for an hour. Perhaps I can finish up this weekend amongst a soccer tournament, 11  mile run, yard work, planting potatoes and all the other things that need to be done.


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Saw Vise Mortises

May 18, 2014 Leave a comment

For such a simple project I certainly seem to be dragging it out. Today I managed to cut the two through mortise and tenon joints that join the sides and top of the vise. A little clean up and I’ll begin shaping the sides. A couple of people asked for the link to the plans on Paul Seller’s Site. It took me a few minutes since it was listed under saw chocks. I also see that Greg graciously added the link in the comments on the previous post.



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Building a Saw Vise

May 14, 2014 14 comments


UnknownI managed a couple of hours of work on the saw vise this week. Using a plan I found on Paul Sellers’ web site, I began by roughing out the pieces for the vise. There are two sides, a spacer which fits between the two, and two cross pieces that are attached with a through mortise and tenon. The most interesting part of this project is the cutting of the hinge that allows the vise to open and close. This is new to me and apart from photographs on the internet I have not seen a wooden hinge. Certainly I have no knowledge of the best method to make one.

I started by cutting one of the sides into two pieces. Laying out the hinge with pencil I cut out the outline of the hinge. then a brace and bit was used to cut out the convex shape in one end. On the opposite piece, I carved the cylindrical shape using chisels until it fit into the opposing piece. I then ensured they fit together and drilled the hole for the pin. (The pin is a piece of threaded rod I had lying around). After some fiddling around I had a hinge.


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Spring Comeback

March 1, 2014 Leave a comment

Between very cold weather, and a nasty cold/virus/plague there has been almost no woodworking for a few weeks. However, I have been plotting and planning a comeback.

Saw Vise Planning Underway
Learning to sharpen saws last year has been a tremendous advantage. It was almost an epiphany when a freshly sharpened saw was placed into my hand by Paul Seller’s. The accuracy and speed of cut was only surpassed by the feeling of excitement when I finally understood the joy of sawing with sharp teeth. I have successfully sharpened my saws many times since; however over this winter, in a garage without natural light my sharpening accuracy has dulled. My vise until this point has been two scraps of wood holding the saw plate in the vise.

This has worked well and I encourage anyone to work this way, however I have decided that bringing the saw closer to my eyes and the light, should improve my sharpening accuracy. Currently I am considering two vise plans; The first a saw vise that was picked up by Paul Sellers and shown in his image below. The second is a vise I first saw on Peter Follansbee’s blog. The links should take you to the pages where I saw the vise images.

UnknownI like the simplicity of the Vise shown by Paul and it looks like a fun project that includes some mortise and tenon joints and cutting a hinge. I imagine I will end up building both.

Shop Stool

Placing a couple of stools in my shop has become a priority. I am content to sit on my saw bench, however I enjoy the chatter when my wife or children join me in the shop and want to make it more welcoming. Several weeks ago I began milling lumber for the stools using the plans in Woodworking Masterclasses. When the weather breaks this will be project number 2.


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