A little shellac, a little wax

Working in an unheated garage over the winter has created quite a backlog of projects to finish. This weekend was cool and a little rainy but I took the opportunity to put a finish on three of the projects that are cluttering my bench. Like many of you finishing is not my favorite thing to do, being totally honest I sleep on a bed that has been completed for 15 years and still hasn’t finish on it.

My goal was to finish the weather station, dovetailed box and shelves. This still leaves two other projects, but it certainly clears off my bench for new projects.

I tackled the dovetailed box first. This was one of the projects that I made in the foundations class with Paul Sellers. After sanding lightly I used clear shellac to coat the piece. Three coats put on a nice finish. Then I attacked it with a little steel wool to knock off any nibs, then I used the same wool to cut in some paste wax. Finishing with a soft cloth raised a nice shine.

I repeated the process with the weather station that I built over the winter using the clock project on Paul Seller’s Masterclass.


I then tackled the shelves that I made in the foundations class. Same process again with the shellac and steel wool. This piece was claimed as soon as I got home for my sons’s soccer trophies.

Next how to finish that oak side table?


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