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Another Side Table

There’s a little cherry left over and I think it will be enough to make another round side table. So I grabbed the plans which I didn’t follow last time and won’t follow this time and gathered up the lumber.

Then I stopped everything because I had not sharpened my planes after the prior project and went out to play ball with my daughter’s dog, my friend Tim wonders why he never sees any finished projects?

Houston – 2 years old.

Flattening and dimensioning the lumber did not take long and I spent some time looking at the previous tables to see if there were elements to change or add. The Walnut table I made a few months ago had several nice elements and the only thing I may consider is do I want to place a lower shelf on the table. I can do this at the end of the project so will probably consider it for a while.

Checking a couple of measurements from the prior table and its off to work or the grass needs to be cut.

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